Minio 85C

Minio 85C

Minio 85C

Minio 85C/P – The solvent washer for minial space

The compact solution that takes up minimal space. Being highly powerful cleaning media non-halogenated hydro- carbons allow safe and economical use of solvents for removing oil, grease and swarf between or after production processes. Both small facilities with comparatively low production capacities and large-scale plants with decentralised cleaning stations benefit from the sophisticated process technology of the Minio 85C cleaning system.

Many different programme variants with immersion processes, vapour degreasing and vacuum drying ensure ideal conditions to meet the requirements expected of modern manufacturing processes in terms of quality and functionality. This small system with an appropriate size of basket is always supplied with double filtration (flood tank – work chamber and workchamber – flood tank).

Equipment and process

  • Cleaning and drying process in a closed work chamber
  • Second flood tank for fine cleaning
  • Circulation filtration with high-power injection flood washing
  • Manual work chamber loading at the front
  • Manual door lock on the work chamber
  • Multiple monitoring of safety-relevant temperatures and pressures in the tanks
  • Rotation and swivel movements of the parts baskets to support the cleaning and drying effect
  • Continuous solvent treatment by vacuum distillation
  • Siemens S7 control system for customised programming of the processes
  • Error diagnosis with plain text display on the control panel
  • Minimisation of energy input due to heat recovery
  • Amply sized maintenance and cleaning openings in the tanks
  • Closed equipment housing with maintenance doors for optimum access
  • 8 washing programmes

Optional extras

  • Ultrasonics unit
  • Modem
  • Visualization


  • Sophisticated, redundant safety equipment for the use hydrocarbons
  • Cooling water-free operation due to air-cooled condensers
  • Water cooling possible
  • Vacuum distillation for optimum solvent treatment
  • Double filtration
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